The song is the Magnificent 7!!


Rusty was born to Chulosa Loma July 7 1991 to Sheba (Hidden Hills Hope).  His father is unknown. 

 He looks just like his mother except he did not stop growing.  He now resembles a Belgian.

I began to train him at birth and his training is still going on. 

I Play Dayed on him for 4 years and since then he has been a trail horse. 

Rusty is my trailblazer!  He will plow through any type of under brush with no complaints. 

He will stand quietly while I trim branches that fall on his head or butt. 

He will walk close to a tree and stand while I nail a trail marker to the tree.

He will walk close to the horse trailer or picnic table so I can use them to get on and he will stop

 and stand by me when I fall off instead of running off. 

Rusty has a problem with ditches,  He THINKS he is afraid of them. 

We ride back and forth and back and forth and 5 minutes later he is afraid of that ditch again. 

The same with water.  We cross and re-cross the water and he is fine

with it but 5 minutes later he is afraid of it. 

But we manage to have a good ride any way.  Rusty also makes a good trail horse because

he never knows where the trailer is, so no trying to turn around and get back quick. 

But for some strange reason he knows where EVERY ditch is 10 minutes before we get there. 

Rusty is now doing Play Days again with my grandson, Justin. 

Justin loves to ride Rusty because he is fast and he thunders when he runs out of the arena. 

Justin also rides him on the trails so I have to ride someone else. 

Rusty is the pasture bully because Mom has always been there to protect him. 

But he is really a very gentle horse, one that has become a

favorite of anyone who rides him once they get over his size.


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