BORN APRIL 28, 2005

'Jetaleos Jewell'

Called   'Quicksand'

Quicksand can be led and handled by anyone.   He is one of the first horse in the pasture to come when he sees you!  He loves people and will stand and let you pet him or groom him.  He will follow you when you  leave the pasture wanting more. Quicksand has been loved and handled since birth.  He is very gentle and will make someone a very good and beautiful horse.

Quicksand will accept worm paste, shots, feet trimmed and he loads in a trailer easily.  He has been ponyed on the trails and will go anywhere, across bridges and ditches with and with out water and over logs.  When at the lake he headed right out into deep water, if he had not been on a lead rope he may have went for a swim.  When Quicksand is old enough or big enough for an adult, he is ready to be saddled for the next level of training.  All the ground work has been done.



       The above Pictures were taken June 28   2 MONTHS OLD!!

He has one unique feature..  HE LOVES to RUN!!


August 2005 and round pen time!!



Now April 2006...   A full 1 year old..




October 2007!!




What a unique color he is..   Ever seen a Gray Roan PAINT??


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