The song is Jumpin' Jack Flash

Flash came to Chulosa  Loma at 1 year of age.  She was the red and white Paint I have always wanted.  She is a very gentle and calm horse.  She is one we can let anyone ride with out fear that she will buck or shy.  For such a young horse she proving to be a good "kids horse"  Flash and Peggy were featured in an issue of  The Paint Horse Journal for the miles we have logged riding in the Ride America program . My grandson has decided to use her for Play Days in the 2006 season,  instead of Rusty.  He has been working with her as much as he can.  She is learning the barrels and poles fast.  She still needs lots of work but Justin loves her.  Flash is true to her name by being very fast and turns on a dime, which is what you need for poles and barrels.  She is a very good trail horse.  She will take any ditch, bridge, or water with our complaint.  She has been to a lot of rodeo grand entries and does so good with all the other horses and noise. My Grandson has also rode her in several parades and loved it.  To top is all off,  she is very pretty and flashy.  She has given me 2 babies the first a beautiful dark bay, Apache and a dark bay and white paint called Chief, who is for sale.  Flash has  passed on her calm and gentle manner to her offspring.   Both Apache and Chief are very calm, gentle and loves to be around people.  She is a joy to have around and a good ride for anyone who rides her. 



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