By the way the song playing is Blazing Saddles (In case you didn't notice!!!)


Blaze was born to our neighbor and we all got to see her be born.  I was right there and once she was ready to stand up I made sure she did not fall down.  Seeing a foal be born is something that does not happen very often.  I wanted her right away but knew I did not need another horse so I talked our friends in California to buy her for their daughter and they did.  When she was 2, I began to train her.  She is proving to be challenge but one I am enjoying.  Take her away from her pasture mates and she if pretty good.  But try and ride her where she can hear them she is a mess.   So I do most of my training at the trails.  She will go any where and cross any thing.  She also loves the visits to the lake and will splash and play in the water as long as we will let her.  She is a joy to ride.  I have given up trying to 'train' her and just ride her.  The more miles we ride the calmer she gets.  My grandson has ridden her several times and she accepted him with no problems.    I practice her on the poles and barrels when Justin, my grandson is practicing with Flash.  She does not like it but is coming around.   One very windy day we were practicing in the pasture and she started to bucking and off  I went.  She ran off and I left her alone for awhile and then I went and got her and got back on and we finished practicing and had only a few problems.  She probably needs a professional trainer but I am not ready to give up just yet.  She was dark bay with a blaze at birth.  She is now a gray roan and you can hardly see her blaze but that is fine she is very beautiful.  She is also one of the first ones in the pasture to meet you when you go into the pasture.


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August 2005

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